October 19, 2020
AlexOnRaw just published a three part series on Event Photography. Covering Fast and Efficient Event Photography Workflow in Capture One. Batch Editing in Capture One Best Practices and Capture One Export Settings.
You can head on over to his site at Alex On Raw
October 13, 2020
Capture One Capture Pilot Tool
The other day when on LSdigi.com's site I noticed that he was commenting that a user/creative could view and rate a previous Capture folder. That got me the thinking about the Capture One Pilot Tool and how to set it up.
The default folder is the current capture folder. So if Capture Folder is selected the web server and Capture Pilot images displayed will follow the current Capture Folder. Great if you have server capture folders and switch between them.
The thing that I never thought of is shooting to one folder and displaying another. Point in case is having someone like a creative review and rate one folder while you shoot into another. 
With Capture One Pro you can display any folder that is in your Session Folders, Session Favorites and Session Albums.
October 12, 2020
Capture One update was released.
October 10, 2020
I just added an "Introduction to ChronoSync" video to my Digital Tech documents area in DropBox.
ChronoSync is one of the most used applications to do live syncs during tethering.
October 8, 2020
Digital Transitions is holding two online Capture One courses.
October 27 - Capture One Masters Class | Workflow
October 28 Capture One Master Class | Image Adjustment
Use Coupon Code BurksMasters2020 for a 10% Discount
More information at DTCommercialphoto
Check out Digital Tech School for great Digital Tech information. 
September 29, 2020
Instagram - one good place to hang out for assistants, digitechs and photographers
Matthew Joseph Burks of Digital Tech School just posted a great article on Instagram - Hop on over
September 3, 2020
In my effort to practice social distancing I have acquired an Area 51 Tether Co 31' USB-C Tether cable. This cable will allow the computer to be a safe distance from the camera.
Extra-long length to go further distances without needing to use additional multiple cables or extensions.
Performs seamlessly without the need for any additional power supply when using a late 2016 Mac or newer computer model with USB-C. 
August 27, 2020
Capture One has just been updated to version
July 19, 2020
  Sync Metadata Between Photo Mechanic And Capture One
New article from Image Alchemist with a lot of good information for Photo Mechanic and other applications that you may use for syncing meta data with Capture One. 
July 6, 2020
AAA & AA rechargeable batteries
POWEREX by Maha Energy has become a sponsor of ASMP Colorado. Use coupon code ASMP10 to receive 10% off. 
July 4, 2020
15% off on PhotoMechanic
Go to https://store.camerabits.com and use the coupon code PMFORASMP to get 15% off a new license or upgrade.
June 19, 2020
I was just made aware of a German company that makes a bar code scanner for Nikon and Canon cameras that can scan a barcode and imbed that barcode in the images EXIF data. Could be a real time saver for volume product and headshot shoots. 
Check out Entagged at
June 10, 2020
A great article from PRO EDU.
April 20, 2020
Capture One announces Capture One 20 for Nikon. This version is fo Nikon files only. The pricing is listed on the Capture One website at https://www.captureone.com/en/products-plans/single-user/capture-one-for-nikon
This version is $129 vs $299 for the Pro version.
April 16, 2020
I have updated some of my Assistants and Digital Tech documents
You can viewed or download them here
Digital Tech Gear can be viewed or downloaded here
April 14, 2020
Digital Transitions has launched a new educational series entitled "Project Lemonade" during the COVID-19 crisis. They are free so be sure to check them out.
April 14, 2020
Scott Detweiler is starting some new videos on Capture One, but making them quick bite-sized tutorials. The focus is on specific areas without making them overly complex. They can be viewed on Youtube at https://youtu.be/C-kkuLrjDYI
April 6, 2020
Capture One 20.0.4 update is available. Release notes are here.
You can save 25% with Code: PRO25.«
April 3, 2020
During this time I will be glad to help you with Capture One Pro or Phase One gear. You can send me emails with your questions to training@denverphotoscapes.com. If needed we can do a video session over Zoom. All at no charge to you.
March 20, 2020
I have setup and tested the new Barcode Tool of Capture One Enterprise 20.
Capture One Enterprise has aBarcode Tool where you define and setup your barcode reader. The reader can be BlueTooth, USB attached or WiFi. A barcode reader is seen to the OS as a keyboard. 
Once setup you can use the barcode token to enter the input from the reader into the file name. So The process is to scan the barcode and then shoot the image(s) and when you are ready to switch subjects you shoot another barcode and then the subject and so on.
In this first example I am shooting a product and have scanned the barcode result has ended up in the Barcode tool and in the File naming. In this case the barcode for the Whisky is 009016017668.
In this example I setup a list of headshot client names. As just like the first example I scan the person's name and then shoot the images.  Setting up the clients people's names ahead of time will increase your accuracy and speed up your production. This also saves from having other lists or including name boards in the shoot.
The font for producing the barcode text is Archon Code 39 Barcode. 
Let me create a specialized workflow for your next shoot.
March 8, 2020
Please join me and ASMP at the 2020 Photo Assistant Workshop to be held on in September or October. Friday night will be a panel of professionals. Photographer Paul Weinrauch, photography assistant Najtja Soave, and myself. Saturday April 18 there will be six hands on mini-workshops including tethering with Capture One thought my me. Setting up/breaking down night modifiers, seamless setup/collapsing backgrounds, clamps, C stands/knuckles /booms etc.
Check the the complete program at ASMP Org. I hope to see you there.
March 5, 2020
Capture One 20.0.3
With the new 20.0.3 service release, there’s support for even more cameras. Discover what’s new in the latest service release notes here
March 3, 2020
Phase One announces Phase One Lab
Phase One Lab, DualExposure+, and the Death of Digital Noise
I am really excited about this new feature and the direction that Phase One is taking.
What is Phase One Lab?
Phase One Lab is a new setting available on the IQ4 150MP digital back (as of now, Lab mode is available on all IQ4 backs, but the current tools are exclusive to the 150MP sensor).
Activating Lab mode unlocks new creative tools before they are officially released in finalized firmware. We expect most of these features to be computational imaging based — improving image quality via digital processing, rather than upgrading hardware. With over 10 times the power of any previous digital back, the IQ4’s on-board computer is primed to generate composite images from multiple exposures. 
Frame Averaging, released in one of the earliest IQ4 firmware updates, was the first example of this, and the first Lab feature, DualExposure+, works in a similar way.
What is DualExposure+?
DualExposure+ is a feature that can dramatically increase dynamic range, reduce noise, and improve shadow detail in images by blending data from two overlapping electronic shutter captures. In short, the feature takes two captures around 3 stops apart, and uses the brighter capture to fill in shadow detail in the darker image when processed in Capture One.
DualExposure+ relies on the electronic shutter, so a tripod is still critical, and rapid movements across large parts of the frame can cause rolling shutter effects, but subtle movements like water, leaves, and crowds render just fine (as you’ll see later). When the tool is activated, the first exposure is set by the user, while a second exposure, 3 stops brighter, is automatically captured before the first exposure ends. This results in two raw files, essentially exposed simultaneously.
February 16, 2020
I am always looking for information on Capture One that will help me. How people use Capture One in their environment is immensely helpful to me. 
With the Photographer’s Guide to Capture One 20 eBook, you can become an expert of Capture One, speeding up your workflow and getting the very best out of your raw images.
This eBook will guide you through the whole process of getting images into Capture One, organizing them, making image adjustments and finally exporting the shots. All topics are divided into logical chapters, making it easy to go from zero to hero.
Use code goodwin4 at check out to receive a $4 discount.
February 5, 2020
I offer many different combinations of on site capture equipment. Tethering is always the best way to go. I this shoot Rick & I started with MacBook Pro on a rolling stand to get the basic shot setup. After that we started using the Inovativ cart with a 27" Eizo monitor to give us and other creatives a larger view and will allow us to fine tune the images right out of the camera.
MacBook Pro 16", 27" Eizo monitor, external backup disk and UPS. The ultimate studio setup.
Capture Pilot on a 12.9" iPad Pro for client viewing.
MacBook Pro 16" on a rolling stand powered by TetherTools Onsite Power battery solution. Excellent for studio and on location shoots.
Capture Pilot on a 12.9" iPad Pro for client viewing. And both solutions have continuous image backup using ChronoSync software to an external SSD drive.
January 28, 2020
Alex on RAW has just posted an article on Apple Scripting with Capture One Pro. 
Alex has also included some free scripts that you can download. 
I have used his scripts as starting place for creating my own scripts that will speed up my workflow. Capture One Enterprise has added many more options for AppleScripting.
A link to his post is here
January 27, 2020
Capture One 20.0.2 is a service release for Mac and Windows with important bug fixes, added camera support, and support for Windows 10 build 1903.
Release notes here
January 16, 2020
I just installed Capture One Pro Enterprise. Added features will make tethering and post processing so much faster.
Whether it is high volume work or not using, the latest Capture One Enterprise can make a difference in the processing time and quality. Features include integrated barcode scanner, Capture Pilot with Enterprise enhancements, dedicated studios workspaces and next capture backup. 
January 15, 2020
Capture One Pro Version 20 is here and I am ready to help you get your Capture One up and running. Individual or studio training available. 
January 14, 2020
Our new MacBook Pro 16" has arrived
Tricked out with 32GB of memory, 4TB of SSD internal storage, high performance display and GPU.
December 17, 2019
Capture One 20.0.1 is available for download. This new maintenance release fixes the tethering problem that was an issue with Mac OS Catalina 10.15.2
November 15, 2019
Apple announces 16" MacBook Pro
Plenty of power and storage options.
I placed on on order.
November 4, 2019
Free Capture One 20 pre-order
With powerful photo editing tools, the most accurate colors and a fully-customizable interface, get complete creative control with Capture One.

Buy Capture One Pro 12 today and get a free pre-order of Capture One Pro 20.
October 10, 2019
MacOS Catalina is shipping. It has not been certified with Capture One Pro and we suggest you wait to install it until Phase One gives it their blessing 
September 10, 2019
Phase One announces XT Camera system
The XT Camera System is beautifully designed and handcrafted with an uncompromising simplicity and precision. The exclusive, high-quality finishes of each system are given individual care, resulting in a camera that is desired as much for its beauty as for its image quality.
Information on the Phase One Website
September 6, 2019
Capture One Pro 12.1.2 released with support for Sony a7R IV

July 29, 2019
AAA & AA rechargeable batteries
As an ASMP member you can receive many discount offers. POWEREX by Maha Energy has become a sponsor of ASMP Colorado. They have a 10% coupon code I would like to share with your, ASMP10
When I heard about their rechargeable batteries I thought no big deal. However, after my wife came to me for new batteries for one of her projects I got to thinking. I just replace 8 batteries in my wireless microphones, 8 batteries in a couple of speed lights etc... I realized that I am filling up the landfill with old batteries since they are not recyclable. POWEREX offers 8-Cell chargers and Analyzers for AA & AAA batteries. Good prices and free shipping on orders over $49 US.
July 29, 2019
Managing Clipping in RAW files
The best tool for examining actual clipping, not clipping due to some rendering of the raw, is RawDigger. Actual clipping is something you want to avoid through actual exposure (assuming you are clipping data you don't wish to clip, again through actual exposure which is solely an attribute of aperture and shutter).


Articles on exposing for raw:
Thanks to:
Andrew Rodney 
Author “Color Management for Photographers"
July 15, 2019
Phase One has a new firmware update for the IQ4. 
Automated Frame Averaging effectively enables the capture of long exposure images without the need for filters. This new type of sequencing tool automatically captures and combines a series of images into a single RAW file, which reduces noise, extends dynamic range, and protects highlights.
Shoot with your own Custom IQ Styles
Create your own Capture One Styles and upload them directly to the IQ4 to embed in captured images. Shoot with your own unique style applied for immediate visual feedback and confirmation of creative direction, or to gain early client buy-in.
Refined storage and workflow flexibility
Truly customize your capture workflow and image storage. Gain more image storage flexibility with SD as your primary storage, SD as XQD overflow storage, and direct to Capture One image transfer. For an even more refined workflow, the Exposure Zone Tool is made available in the IQ4.
June 24, 2019
There will be a firmware release for your IQ4150 on July 1st which will give the following 3 features. 
Automatic Frame Averaging
Personal styles
Generate a style in C1, add it to one of three custom slots on the back
Allows styles that include:
Exposure, Contrast, Brightness. Saturation
Levels, Curves, Color Editor, Color Balance
Clarity, Highlight/Shadow
SD can now be used for the primary storage of raw files; most of the time you'd still want to use XQD because it's faster
SD can now be used as "rollover storage" in the case XQD fills up
When shooting tethered, if you disconnect (on purpose or accidentally) and then later reconnect, the images shot to card in between will be automatically transferred.
June 16, 2019
Phase One has just released Capture One 12.1 
In the new Capture One 12.1, you'll find useful enhancements for Fuji cameras, redesigned Grid tool, and improved Overlay tool.
Also a new product - Capture One Studio for enterprise users.

June 4, 2019
Capture One Pro 12.0.4 released
Undated camera and lens support and some bug fixes.
June 2, 2019
I have my equipment rental online. If you need to rent equipment please go to my rentals page and check it out. ASMP members, students and educators will get 10% discount. 
Cameras and lenses have a 20% discount starting at the 4th day and beyond.
May 16, 2019
Heads Up! Profoto Updates Air System to 20 Channels

After many requests, Profoto has taken this feedback and decided to upgrade your Air-compatible lights to support 20 channels. This is up from the original 8 channels and should make it easier to work with less interference in crowded venues. Currently, these updates are available for the recently released Connect and A1X as well as the existing A1, B10, and D2 lights. To update your lights, please visit My Profoto and register your products to see all relevant download links an d instructions. Also, with Profoto App compatible lights you will be able to update directly from the application.
March 22, 2019
Photomechanic announces version 6 to be released March 22.
More information available here.
March 8, 2019
Phase One is offering a 50% discount on Capture One Pro Sony and Fujifilm 
Normally $219 now $109. No coupon needed. Sale ends March 31.
February 24, 2019
Capture One Version 12 added enhanced support for keyboard shortcuts. 
Capture One has numerous default keyboard shortcuts arranged in sets. You can create your own sets and setup the shortcuts to match your workflow. The new search commands in the keyboard editor make it simple to find and assign shortcuts.
The Capture One Keyboard Shortcuts Help Page covers all the information you will need. 
Plus on the Learning Hub there is a 1:47 minute video on Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
February 10, 2019
 3D LUT Creator version 1.52 was just released. 
What's New in Version 1.52
+ OpenCL acceleration of window rendering
+ Separate thread for LUT calculation
+ LUT Color profile conversion function
+ Pin selected dots shortcut
+ Better ANSI CGATS .CIE files parsing for IT8 charts
+ Saving of .costyle files along with ICC files for Capture One
+ Loading and saving .copreset curves files for Capture One

+ New Insta360 Log curve
+ Load preset from Ext. LUT function
+ Compatibility for Adobe Premiere Plug-In
+ Various bug fixes

January 29, 2019
Capture One Pro Free Style Pack
We created an exclusive Styles Pack which includes a variety of carefully selected options, representing each of the Style Packs. With 10 Styles in total there are plenty of chances to accelerate your creativity.
January 24, 2019
Capture One 12.0.1 available for download. 
Capture One 12.0.1 released with Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L support and a mass of bug fixes.

Photographing Oil on canvas for Giclée printing. Object level target assures proper exposure and color.

January 7, 2019
Custom Camera Profiling is now possible for Capture One Pro users with X-Rite’s popular ColorChecker Camera Calibration Software. Creating ICC profiles is simple as 1, 2, 3!
Youtube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=gMGpBDnhCyM
Software Download
January 2, 2019
One resource I feel is a great resource is
And it is Free! Be sure to check it out.
December 26, 2018
Profoto firmware upgrades for Nikon Z6 and Z7 and Canon EOS R came out early December. The upgrades are A1 for Canon are Version B9. And Remote TTL-N version B9. Remote TTL-C to Version B8.
December 20, 2018
Digital Transitions and Phase One announce Capture One Studio
Capture One has been the industry-standard tethering and raw processing software for more than a decade. And while Capture One gained that position through its unmatched quality and rich feature set, Phase One recognized that multi-user corporate studios that run numerous simultaneous shoots with multiple photographers needed additional features and tools specific to that unique workflow. The launch of Capture One Studio directly addresses those needs.
Capture One Studio Exclusive Features Include:
X-Rite Color Camera Profile Creation: Create ICC profiles for your cameras directly inside of Capture One</li>
Multi-angle workflow solution: Easily handle packshots from multiple cameras, including view naming
Integrated Barcode scanner: Basic and Advanced mode for naming assets as they are captured
Workspace and Tool Locks: Prevents the user from changing layout or settings, allowing the studio manager to set up all the stations and then lock them.
Secure Copy / Backup: Backs up captures (from tethered camera) to a destination chosen by the user. During high-value shoots every tethered capture can be automatically backed up to another location.
Hot folder Actions: Software automatically picks up images incoming from tethered connection and process them to a destination chosen by the user
December 13, 2018
ASMP Member Benefits
As an ASMP member, you are entitled to a vast array of exclusive benefits. Specific savings discounts for member benefits will vary depending on the individual company’s benefit terms for each of their products or services offered.
For a printer-friendly overview of the range of ASMP’s benefits for you and your business, this paper gives you a summary of the details.

December 1, 2018
A couple of groups on Facebook to sell equipment.
November 29, 2018
Phase One has just released Capture One 12 with a mass of long-awaited features: 

Luma Range Masking
Radial gradient
Reworked Linear gradient
Fujifilm Film Simulations
Publishing Plug-ins.

Save 10% on upgrade with this code AMBC1BLOG
Visit AlexonRaw for more information
November 6, 2018
Tethertools is about ready to ship their Onsite Power products. 
The complete ONsite power bundle offers an integrated Tether Table Aero mounting solution for the ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply and V-Mount Battery. Power your laptop with this easily interchangeable battery system during long shoots while keeping an organized, safe and professional work environment.
We here at goodwindgitech are currently using batteries with adapters to power laptops, lighting equipment, and basic charging needs. This method requires many different adapters. The Onsite method of using powerful and industry standard D-Tap batteries and an inverter to 110V house current will allow us to just plug-in without all those adapters and clutter.

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