For art Giclée printing, exhibit and copyright registration we use a Phase One 100+ MP or Nikon D850 45MP camera depending on the intended image use. Images are processed with Capture One Pro and include color targets for proper color correction. Color accurate Digital Transitions Proton LED lights are used.
Giclée Printing
• 2D high resolution photography in our studio starts at $45 for first object and $20 for each in the same session.
You will receive a high resolution color accurate tiff with a color target included. 
A high resolution color accurate tiff with the color target cropped out. This could be used for display or Giclée printing.
Also a medium size jpg file matching the size and quality for exhibition entry.
A small size jpg file for social media or other uses.
3D High Resolution
• 3D high resolution photography in our studio starts at $125 for the first object and view. $25 for each additional view. $50 for each artwork in the same session. $25 for each additional view. You will receive a high resolution color accurate tiff with a color target included. Also a medium size jpg file.
Copyright or art exhibit
• 2D and 3D photography for copyright or art exhibit entry pricing: $20 for the first object and $15 for each additional.  
If you are submitting for CaFE or other exhibit entry we will provide you with a 1920px jpg version. Be sure to let us know if you need a different size. A PDF file of the images can be included if requested.
Additional fee may be charged for removing and replacing frames.
Contact us for an exact quote and scheduling.
High Quality Digital Imaging

Oil Pastel on BFK Rives, ceam paper. ©2019 Carole Goodwin

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