Our highest quality digital captures are ideal for Giclée printing and fine art preservation.  Other reasons to have your artwork digitally imaged is for online sales, appraisals, estates, insurance, as well as IRS donations.
We have a couple ways to work with your objects. One would be a fine art preservation image to produce an absolute accurate rendition including color, contrast, and scale. Or we can produce an image that is aesthetically pleasing to you for meeting your end goal for display and storage. The second type image matching your end usage goal could include cropping, color correction to the original or natural color.
We use the finest equipment currently available to photograph your 2D and 3D artwork. Phase One 100+ megapixel camera with Schneider Kreuznach Macro lens. Digital Transitions Proton Cultural Heritage XL LED lights. Images are processed with Capture One Pro Enterprise. ​​​​​​​Our investment in this type of equipment shows our continuing commitment to archival imaging services.
2D Deliverables:
TIFF image files will include a color target for color accuracy when printing or subsequent processing.  TIFF files delivered are Federal Agency Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) Preservation Grade Quality. 
All TIFF and JPG files are checked with the the Open Preservation Foundation file format identification, validation & characterization software (Jhove).   
We deliver a color accurate full size cropped 300dpi or greater 16bit TIFF image file suitable for display or printing.
A full size 300dpi or greater 16bit TIFF file with the color target included as a preservation digital object (PDO) suitable as a surrogate for the original.
A smaller cropped JPG file for social media, printing or display. 
Other views including side, back, signature closeup view, scrape view to show texture.
• 2D Photography in our studio starts at $105 for first object and $50 for each in the same session.• 3D art at our studio starts at: $125 for the first object and view. $50 for each additional view. 
           $75 for each piece of artwork in the same session. $25 for each additional view. 
           If required for 3D artwork we can utilize focus stacking to achieve maximum depth of field.
           For each view taken we deliver a color accurate full size 300dpi 16bit TIFF file
            A smaller JPG file for social media, printing or display. 
Multiple JPG images can be combined into a PDF file on request. 
$125 on location setup fee within the greater Denver area. Save the hassle of transporting your precious artwork by having us shoot on-location.
Denverphotoscapes is fully insured.
Contact us for a quote and scheduling.​​​​​​​

Oil pastel image including object level target for color correction and quality verification

Original 48x36" oil on canvas painting

Fine art reproduction. Original 48x36" Oil on canvas © 2019 Carole Goodwin Art

Twisty Glass Art

3D artwork. Twisty Glass Statue Artwork. Photographed using focus stacking to achieve maximum focus

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