I am Larry Goodwin, the owner of Denverphotoscapes. I have been providing Digital Tech Services in the Denver area since 2015. My clients speak of my professionalism, experience, reliability and calm demeanor as assets to their business.
My technical knowledge frees the photographer to concentrate on the creative side of the project. I am a Phase One Certified Professional specializing in digital capture and data asset management. Equipment for most any studio or on-location project is available for rental.
I value and promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of my business and at all levels. Success comes from inviting and incorporating diverse perspectives.
With my dedication to the technical aspects of photography and my equipment rental I can provide quality support for your most challenging projects. 
In addition to working as a Digital Technician, I am involved in Cultural Heritage Photography, including 2D & 3D art preservation, art reproduction for Giclée printing, insurance declarations and IRS reporting.
Cultural Heritage is an expression of the ways of living developed by a community and passed on from generation to generation, including customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions, and values. The goal of digitization is the creation of a Preservation Digital Object (PDO) which can act as a surrogate for most in-person use of the original object.​​​​​​​
        • Digital Transitions - Intro to Modern Digitization
        • Digital Transitions - Digital Imaging Operator Training
        • Phase One Certified Professional for XF Cameras & Capture One software
Selected Client List
     •      Rick Souders - Souders Studios - Golden Colorado -          https://www.soudersstudios.com     
     •      Paige Green Photography - CA - https://www.paigegreenphotography.com
     •      Dave Rosberg Media - Denver - https://rosbergmedia.com
     •     Jeffrey Vogeding - Los Angeles - Boulder - https://www.jeffreyvogeding.com
     •     Evi Abeler - New York - http://www.eviabeler.com
     •     Jim Darling Photography - Denver - http://jimdarlingphoto.com
     •     Katie Warnke Green Earth Photography - Denver - https://greenearthphotography.com
     •     Alaska.org - Anchorage Alaska - https://alaska.org
You can call me at 408 425-3808 and we can discuss your next project or we can get together and chat. Email or coffee is always a good option. Larry@denverphotoscapes.com
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